22 August, 2008

The economy sucks, but my shoes don't! PART 3

maSo here i am with a pair of gorgeous Chloe's and Miu Miu's and what is brought to my attention (thanks to Will of Avant Garde Meets Anarchy, of course!) but a glorious sale at Marni.com! I have always admired their thoroughly modern but sexy silhouettes and when i saw these for an unbeatable price but heart stopped yet again. What am i getting myself into?!

Sale find #4- Spring/Summer 2008 Marni Heels

All photos courtesy of my Flickr stream.

I've been wearing these a TON with so many various things. Fairly difficult to wear for more than a few hours, but i laugh in the face of foot pain! Rawrrz! I lovelovelove that they are a dark brown but the lucite heel is black. So sleek and makes me feel a bit that i'm walking with a bondage apparatus attached to me. (Luckily, that's not a completely foreign concept.. whoops!)

20 August, 2008

Economy: :'O( Sales: :oD p.2

Very soon after getting my tremendous Chloe shoe-boots i bump heads (or toes?) with these ultra-adorable heels at Nordstrom. It sounds silly to say at this point, but i've never been a huge shoe person, but i guess that all changes once i can afford the ones i love most. Again, a wonderful deal too awesome to pass up! I love wearing these with black dresses or gray denim!

Sale Find #2-
Spring/Summer 2008 Miu Miu Star Heels

All photos courtesy of my Flickr stream.

Hope you like them, darlings! I've never actually seen this pair anywhere but Nordstrom. I looooveeee vintage inspired t-straps! It also should be noted that these are really comfortable! (though i have a highly warped idea of comfort, as wearing 4" heels daily is normal for me, haha!)

19 August, 2008

Economy: Bad :'O( Sales: Good :oD

So i'd rather our economy not be crumbling by the second, but hell, i might as well take advantage of some awesome sales so i look amazing when the end of the world arrives, yes?!

Sale find #1- Chloe Spring/Summer 2008 Shoe Boots!

and some outfits with them happily included::

Pictured with-

Vince tshirt
True Religion skirt
Stephen Dweck necklace
Badgley Mischa eyeglasses
Balenciaga SS 2007 Vert D'eau City bag
Pucci scarf (on Balenciaga)

Pictured with-

James Perse tshirt
Madewell skirt
+ same accessories as pictured above.

I was lucky enough to score these gorgeous beauties at a sale at Saks early this summer (reduced a hefty amount, i may add.) I never thought i'd have the $$ to buy such lovely shoes but this summer's sales has proven me wrong.

All pictures courtesy of my Flickr stream.

More to come very soon!

14 August, 2008

Transform! Your Bedroom into a Dollhouse.

Photo courtesy of my Flickr stream.

Hello there & welcome to my bedroom! (or at least a corner of it! Like my humongous cardboard box filled with cds?! Glamorous, i know!) For myself, it's not enough to dress like a cutesy and slightly weird, vintage inspired doll- my living space has to reflect it! I've always been a big fan of interior design and wanted to share with you some adorable pieces to doll up your space (whether you're living in a cramped dorm room, or a Parisian mansion!)

My beautiful pink plushy chair and mirrored furniture are both from Horchow. (Owned by Neiman Marcus, they sell beautiful and alas- fairly expensive decor.) I like mixing up high and low pieces by mixing in vintage (absolute favourite painting shown behind me) and the inexpensive (my black and cream striped vase, $10, and the fake flowers that resides in them.)

I have rummaged the entire Internet for you (yes you, darling!) and collected a variety of endearing home items both well under $100 and over in hopes that it will inspire you to doll up your space, no matter how big or small!

1. Ice Cream Lamp 2. Doe Wall Art 3. Harlequin Chandelier 4. Woodland Curio Stand 5. IKEA PS BRUM

First up- the inexpensive & equally irresistible!

An Ice Cream Cone... LAMP?! Yes, dear! Sweeten up your space with this delicious & huge ice cream cone! $48 from FredFlare.com

Nothing is better than a little bit of classic Kitschy-spice. This cute & fairly strange portrait of a Deer will be sure to make you smile. $19.99 from UrbanOutfitters.com

This shimmery fairy-esque tree stump would be a lovely seat to display your favourite jewelry or childhood stuffed animal alike! $28 from FredFlare.com

Every dollhouse needs a wonderful, sparkly Chandelier! This one is a steal at a mere $28 also from UrbanOutfitters.com

Now for the cutest & insane of them all- ever wanted a giant, flurry, and kind of strange teddy bear chair?! I thought so- me too! One of my secrets is always checking the children's section at any given store as they tend to have some of the most endearing selection! What saves this piece is the fact that it doesn't have a face (which, in my opinion, would have taken it from weird & cool to just simply too juvenile.) Size wise, i definitely believe most full-grown girls could enjoy the pleasures of this plush lovely! Discovered at Ikea.com for $79

1. "Antoinette" Mirror 2. Golden Vases 3. Butterfly Garden Seat 4. Heirloom Clock

And now- the pricier items! But fret not, i have gone out of my way to make these as non-painful for your wallet as possible! Everything is under $230. I strongly believe in mixing high and low end items to create a look that is both rich and unique. I promise these quality items are well worth the $$! All items from Horchow.

First and foremost- a fabulous mirror! Absolutely a must for the perfect dollhouse. Mine is so large even my 6'7'' boyfriend can view his entire lanky & cute self at once and then some! (and yes, guilty, i really like looking at myself!) It helps that this mirror is a fabulous price! $198.90 at Horchow.com

These wonderfully hammered golden vases are the perfect accent to your dynamic dollhouse decor! Leave them as is, or stick a couple flowers in them(real or fake!) $65 at Horchow.com

I adore this garden seat because it could be used in so many ways. Us it as a chair, table, or foot rest! Especially great if you don't have a ton of space, and lets face it, you can't deny how pretty it is. $229 at Horchow.com

Now here's something i feel in a world of cellphones, computers, and fancy watches are often forgotten about- the presence and beauty of a clock! Indulge in time-telling with this lovely piece for $142.90 at Horchow.com

Photo courtesy of my Flickr stream.
I'm Wearing-
Rebecca Taylor dress
Stubbs & Wootton pirate wedges
vintage belt & navy blue hair bow
Badgley Mischa Eyeglasses
Swarovski teddy bear pendant
(Can you spot my old school Britney Spears cd?! bwhahahaa!)

12 August, 2008

Luella Fall 2008

Now here's a girl that i know all too well- she's cute (almost sickly so) and okay, she's kind of weird.  Some may say she over accessorizes at times- they're wrong.  She's absolutely friggin' absurdly fabulous.  She's who i aspire to be.

Luella is the under-talked-about genius that does Dollhouse Chic with the best of them (Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson, etc.) and portrays it with a playfulness and youthful charged sexuality that is uncanny.  Her ideas are wearable for every occasion from a picnic, rooftop party in London, to a hot air balloon ride over the mountains (editorial idea, anyone?)  Quite the perfect punk-rock lolita.

The Fall collection features smashing big hair (Strawberry Switchblade inspired- tres wonderful!), tartans used inspired ways, countless ruffles, and my favourite- peter pan collars! (is it possible to be a real doll without one?!)  

Oh, and Luella's Spring 2008 was fab, too!  Just for fun here's something i put together using mostly items from that collection.  She definitely believes in ass-kicking cuteness!

I'll quote the dear Luella when i state; "cute but always a little sick-- that's my girl."

Hi, i'm ___________!

... a fabulously precious girl who buries herself deep in fashion (heellpp!  air, nneeed air!) and would like to share her thoughts & secrets with the world!

The idea of being both adorably girly yet edgy is no new motif.  In fact, it's been my fashion template almost my entire fashion lifetime.  However, what often gets lost in this sea of pink cupcakes, Edwardian ruffles, and four letter words scrolled in turquoise glitter (take that any way you please) is the ability to stay cutesy; but also chic, modern, and cutting edge.  Avant Garde, if you must.

"Ugly" vintage florals, bows, luxurious leathers, architectural masterpieces disguised as shoes (and maybe some t-straps for good measure), high end designer pieces and vintage/thrift store finds alike- It's possible to be both cute, sophisticated, and shockingly (or maybe not so shockingly) one kinky fucking doll-faced bitch.

My fashion purpose is to keep changing and staying beyond relevant while keeping my old-school esthetics in mind.  

I strive for Dollhouse Chic.