12 August, 2008

Luella Fall 2008

Now here's a girl that i know all too well- she's cute (almost sickly so) and okay, she's kind of weird.  Some may say she over accessorizes at times- they're wrong.  She's absolutely friggin' absurdly fabulous.  She's who i aspire to be.

Luella is the under-talked-about genius that does Dollhouse Chic with the best of them (Vivienne Westwood, Betsey Johnson, etc.) and portrays it with a playfulness and youthful charged sexuality that is uncanny.  Her ideas are wearable for every occasion from a picnic, rooftop party in London, to a hot air balloon ride over the mountains (editorial idea, anyone?)  Quite the perfect punk-rock lolita.

The Fall collection features smashing big hair (Strawberry Switchblade inspired- tres wonderful!), tartans used inspired ways, countless ruffles, and my favourite- peter pan collars! (is it possible to be a real doll without one?!)  

Oh, and Luella's Spring 2008 was fab, too!  Just for fun here's something i put together using mostly items from that collection.  She definitely believes in ass-kicking cuteness!

I'll quote the dear Luella when i state; "cute but always a little sick-- that's my girl."


Dayna said...

oh la la! your blog is lovely!

dayna desastre

InWonderland said...

I agree Luella Rocks all things cute with that edgy twist!
loove it!

Annie said...

The shoes....! <3

Kris said...

:O Whoever said over-accessorizing was a bad thing!?

Cute blog! ^_^; I look forward to reading more of your posts!


Doe Deere said...

You're getting cooler by the minute... Luella is effin' AWESOME!