20 August, 2008

Economy: :'O( Sales: :oD p.2

Very soon after getting my tremendous Chloe shoe-boots i bump heads (or toes?) with these ultra-adorable heels at Nordstrom. It sounds silly to say at this point, but i've never been a huge shoe person, but i guess that all changes once i can afford the ones i love most. Again, a wonderful deal too awesome to pass up! I love wearing these with black dresses or gray denim!

Sale Find #2-
Spring/Summer 2008 Miu Miu Star Heels

All photos courtesy of my Flickr stream.

Hope you like them, darlings! I've never actually seen this pair anywhere but Nordstrom. I looooveeee vintage inspired t-straps! It also should be noted that these are really comfortable! (though i have a highly warped idea of comfort, as wearing 4" heels daily is normal for me, haha!)


Doe Deere said...

I love how unusual these are. T-straps always win in my book, add stars to the equation = pure love. :D

And guess what? I'm wearing black nail polish on my feet right now, too! :)

Sammy said...

doe deere- Heh, sweet! I've been doing black polish pedicures since i was 12 years old, heh.. nothing else looks quite right! (and always sparkly french manicures for my paws!) :O)

Richel said...

those are tres cute!

Annie said...

Those are so glam! I love it..

DelanyDecolleur said...

Love these how cute with the stars! These would really perk up some outfits.

Boudoir Betty said...

I am *so* jealous!